Chemicals & Raw Matireals

FertilizerUrea,DAP,MKP,MAP,Ammonium sulfate

Plastic ChemicalsPP,LDPE/HDPE,DOP,PVC Resin

Pigment ChemicalsIron Oxide,Titanium Dioxide,Zinc Oxide,Carbon Black

Detergent ChemicalsSLES,LABSA,Caustic Soda,Sodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP),Phosphoric Acid Food Grade.    Click Photo Link                                                                                                        

Used Shose, Cloths Raw Matireal Orignal Korea

Used Cloths, Bags, Shoes & Bicycle

Used cloths: four weather used cloths avail.  all used goods related Textile and Garments  Carpet, Blanket, Bag, Mat, Bed Mattresses , Pillow Wool (polyester & Cotton)  Shoes : Men, Women, Baby separate and mix shoes. New Shoes Stock lot International Brand and Korean Brand. original rugs on kg base and special selected items on order.  

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                              Cotton & Microfiber Towels                   We can supply regular base & OEM, buyer required developing Towels as   per buyer Mono, Brand, Mark,we have 100% Cotton & Microfiber Towels & Gowns. Use for Hotels Homes, Spas, Message centers, for more details contact us.                                                                                

Floor Cleaning Mop & Pad  

Cleaning tools, mop, wrangler handles of wood plastic aluminum, wax, pb1, other related goods from Manufacturing Company goods avail on regular base and Production on Order also. more details contact us.         

OINP  (Over Issue News Paper)

                                          News Paper AAA Grade On going Supply.  

Quantity: 20fcl x 20 per month   Weight: 19500kg +/- x 20fcl    

              Size: W X L  27.5cm x 39cm  95%   /   29cm x  35cm   5%                      

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