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GB World Trade Co Ltd

GB World Trade Co Ltd, headquartered in South Korea, specializes in the export and import of packaging products, including textiles, paper, plastic film granules, and related materials. With a focus on serving small and medium-sized manufacturing companies worldwide, our offerings cater to diverse industries, including but not limited to those in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Europe, and the USA.

Our Focus Areas

At GB World Trade Co Ltd, our primary focus lies in facilitating international trade for small and medium-sized enterprises. We specialize in the procurement and distribution of a wide range of products, encompassing plastic, paper, textile fabrics, chemicals, and industrial raw materials.

Target Markets

We actively supply our products to manufacturing companies operating in various regions, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Europe, and the USA. By understanding the unique requirements of each market, we strive to tailor our offerings to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our Goals

Our overarching goal at GB World Trade Co Ltd is to foster sustainable business growth through strategic international trade initiatives. We remain vigilant in identifying new opportunities, both in the global and domestic markets, as we endeavor to expand our reach and enhance our service offerings.

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release paper

Offer us - your Manufacturing Products 

We are looking manufacturer who make regular supply us for our ONLINE Store.



White Thin Paper

  • 20~200gsm  {Order Manufacturing Opportunity available}
@ CPP Paper 
@ Sticker gumming mix lot ​
@ Heat transfer paper 
Steel Mill Kraft
@ Leather Release paper ​
@ Release Paper mix lot
Fine coat Blue (w) White spirit
@ Wax paper 

Plastic Film

  •  Hot Stamping Foil  {Order Manufacturing Opportunity available}​
  •  Solar Window Film  {Order Manufacturing Opportunity available}​
  • @ PVC Flooring Rolls A grade Stock Lot 
@ Flooring Rolls/Sheet 
Food Foil
@ Holographic Foil Metalized Film Mix lot ​

Anti-static Film LLDPE  Regular Supply 

@ PVC Wooden Gumming roils 


@ Color Masterbach Stock 
@ Filler Powder (Use in Plastic like PVC) 
@ G-PET Regrind Regular  
@ PVC Film (with light gum) + PET Film 
   (one side release coat) Regular Supply 
@ PC Water Bottle Regrind
@ Pet Flakes 


@ PVC Side Trims 
@ Safety Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp  
       (Multipurpose protective cover with Air) 
@ Artificial Leather Fabrics (Pvc Pu) 
@ Non-Woven Fabrics (Mask use) 
@ Floor Carpet Rolls & Sheet (Dark Colors) ​ 
@ Jeans Fabrics
@ Net Fabrics
@ Shoes Bags Mesh Fabrics 
@ Polyester Yarn like A grade
Order List

  • Forklifter
  • TCM - KOMATSU - KATO (3ton x 2 & 5ton x 1)

  • Korean Autos
Starex  2018
-Starex 2015 ,manual ,auto
-Starex 2010,2011,2012 manual
Sportge panorama R 2011+
-Sportage sunroof 2006,2007,+
Tucson panorama 2011+
-Tucson 2008-2009
Sorento panorama 2011+
Santa Fe  sunroof 2008-2010
-Santa fe panorama 2013+
Kia carnival 2015+
Porter tci  ,super,2 caben  2007-8
Korando c          2015+
QM 3      Diesel  2015+
Renault capture    Diesel 2015+
Jeep cheroki     2016+  Diesel 
Velaster         2013+ 
Hyundai i30 diesel 2013+
-Hyundai Accent diesel 2016+ 
-Hyundai Avante diesel 2016+


  •  New Slitting Machine  
  • {Order Manufacturing Opportunity available}

​@ Plastic Film Slitter Re-winder Available
@ Polyester Film Yarn Micro Slitter + Re-winder - Feeder. Full Company Unite Available​

Stock Lot

@ Sandpaper (Regmar)  Stock Regular


@ STPP Tech grade
@ STPP Food grade
@ SHMP Tech grade
@ SHMP Food grade
@ TSPP Food grade
@ SAPP Food grade

All Price & Terms: Negotiation-able, Not a Fixed
* Prices: CFR (India-Pakistan Ports only) ​
* Loading: Incheon Port Korea
* Payment Terms: L/C (AT SIGHT) - T/T (50% Advance & 50% ON B/L)

Steel Mill Krfat Paper

          Steel Mill Kraft (SMK) Paper Rolls 
        Width: 60"  Weight: 20 gsm No Oily

   Click Photo Link

Sand Paper Rolls

          Sandpaper rolls Stock Available

   Click Photo Link


        Hot Stamping Foil / Use for plastic paper metal

              Click Photo Link

hot stamping foil

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