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February 25, 2023

Aslam O Alicum

New Updates Website GB World Trade Company  2023-02-24 /

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GB World Trade Co. Ltd


We are Opening *Plastic Field* Group

January 5, 2022

We are Opening *Plastic Field* Group 
[Plastic recycling scrap, Plastic Film Rolls, Sheet, Bales]

This Group works with our team chat group one by one.
Our team cares about seller-buyer matching services.
We are here to provide safe and ongoing  Business for all parties Sellers Buyers & Agents. 
We make our best services for you, especially from South Korea Japan India Pakistan Bangladesh UAE.

1. Inspection: Member needs to inspect his shipment or goods then we can inspect for them on very ...

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Most pick rise in rates for sea freights for shipping as the biggest problem faced to overall international trade Import & Export companies.

November 23, 2021
All over the world same situation is related to freight charges rising problems.
Most of South Korea's small to mid-sized companies involved in international trade believe the current supply chain issues will last longer than a year is according to a survey conducted by the Korea Federation of like on 500 companies from November 11th to the 18th more than 57. 

The situation is expected to last until age two next year over 21 projects the trend to continue until early 2023 higher than 83 percent...

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We're really excited about is working with customers to kind of understand how do we take "Supply Chain Technology".

November 19, 2021
 We're really excited about is working with customers to kind of understand how do we take "Supply Chain Technology".

one of the interesting things about our industry is it's been in I would say a bit of a rut over the last 15 years.
so what we're really excited about is working with customers to kind of understand how do we take supply chain technology to the next level our the industry has gone through I would say a couple of major sort of revolutionary changes over the last 30 years.
Think we...

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GB World Trade - Blog

October 25, 2021

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Yu Sung Guk Welcome to GB World Trade Co. Ltd. We as GB World Trade represent and friendship and goodwill as well as Global business relations worldwide. We Have been dedicated to serving the global market since 1998. The main focus of our Company business has been on the Total Satisfaction of our Customers followed by Quality Assurance, Competitive Price, Punctual Management and after Sale Service. GB World Trade makes an Offer valuable and reliable with trust to its clients. Our Global clients know very well that their business here in South Korea, India, and Pakistan is Take care of GB World Trade. GB World Trade hopes to keep good trade relations with our current and prospective clients and we are confident of our ability to fully satisfy your needs in every respect. thanks CEO: Yu Sung Guk

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