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경기도 동두천시 송내동 664-4 

송내이이파크 107동 901호
우편번호 11353

          Local Call: 010 6670 1588       
               Map Link : Click here


39-8, Bongdong-ro 95beon-gil, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea  Post code: 11301

경기도 동두천시 상봉암동 331-7   우편번호 11301

Local Call: 031-858-4951 

             Map Link : Click here


Korea Offices 

Head  Office

CEO:      Yu Sung Guk                                                                                                    Phone:  82-31-858-4951                                                                              Fax:  82-504-466-6017  /  82-504-330-8100                        Email:

Factory & Warehouse: Dongducheon City

Director:  Yu Jae Hwa                                                     

Operational Office: Yangju City

Director:  Yu Hyun Jun                             

Pakistan Offices

Branch Office

GB Eco Tech Enterprises                                                              Address: #49-A, New Ghalla Mandi, Kamoke, District Gujranwala - Pakistan                                              Phone: +92-307-877-3454                                                                                                            Email:

Operational Warehouse:   Lahore

Operational Office:   Lahore 

Sourcing Office:   Rawalpindi 

India Offices

Sourcing Office:   Delhi - Capital

Sourcing Office  Mumbai - Maharashtra        

Sourcing Office  Surat - Gujarat        

Sourcing Office  Vijayawada - AndhraPradesh                      

Malasiya Offices

Sourcing Office:   Kuala Lumpur       

Bangladesh Offices

Sourcing Office:   Dhaka

We are going to open a company trade partnership network in one country one city only one Office network.

If you are interested then come on the topic and discussion of trade partnership terms of condition.

We will start opening in 2022 April.

 Monday ~ Friday

  9:30 am ~ 5:00 pm