We're really excited about is working with customers to kind of understand how do we take "Supply Chain Technology".

one of the interesting things about our industry is it's been in I would say a bit of a rut over the last 15 years.
so what we're really excited about is working with customers to kind of understand how do we take supply chain technology to the next level our the industry has gone through I would say a couple of major sort of revolutionary changes over the last 30 years.
Think we're about to go on the third one and so we're very excited about what we're hearing from our customers what we're seeing in the market there's a lot of things that are impacting our industry in a pretty significant way.
Our customers are coming to us asking for us to help them stay current and stay relevant frankly in an industry that has the potential to leave many of them behind and so we look at this as an opportunity for us.

Our customers to frankly influence the way the market changes as well as to survive and thrive in the new economy if you will eCommerce has begun to change the
the way we shop but what a lot of people don't necessarily have full visibility into is what happens behind all of you.
The buttons that are clicked when you order something and so the sort of the old models that were built around the notion of bulk shipments going to distribution centers.
Secondary DCs and then getting distributed in bulk if you will to retail locations and then the average consumer buying that they really don't have an appreciation for what is taking the place now when that product coming.

Right to your house furthermore when that product coming from the other side of the globe and it has to go through
several borders to get to your home there's a lot of complexity involved in that.
So the global trade network is about certainly its technology to facilitate all of that but it's a network is also a network of experts a network of participants who can help to bring that product where it needs to go in the time-frame, it needs to be so it's certainly technology and it's our technology of course but just as

Important there's a membership component to this thing which helps give it even more value than just no logy by itself it's a concept that's powered by a whole host of companies
that use our software to make it all happen so it's sort of the systems.

For example on warehouse management one that focuses on transportation management one that might focus on parcel one that might focus on bla bla...
and what we're saying and what we're seeing now is those concepts of very soiled solutions where the decisions that are being made inside those solutions have frankly very limited
information with which to make decisions.......end
GB World Trade Co. Ltd - South Korea